The name 24NINE refers to 24,900 feet, the altitude at which the first commercial airline flight utilized the jet stream. In 1952, Pan Am flew from Tokyo to Honolulu using the natural force, cutting the trip time by over one-third, saving significant fuel in the process. Likewise, at 24NINE, we help you harness existing, untapped forces to accelerate your success and save you time and money.

How We Help You

Communicate with Purpose

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Shape Policy and Regulations

Engage Stakeholders

Build Community Relationships

Win By Giving Back

Cultivate Coalitions

Why It Matters


30% of a company’s value is at stake when it comes to its relationships with society.


CEOs spend 30% of their time addressing this issue.


Less than 30% of these business leaders successfully engage with society.


If they COULD get it right, their company could generate returns at least 20% higher than competitors.

Embracing External Relations

In our world of transparency and instant communication, businesses can no longer afford to react to a quickly changing world, they must play a proactive role in creating the change.

“[Engaging] is not something you can avoid. You’ll be a player whether you like it or not, because companies are big identifiable factors and activists have realized that getting companies to tilt one way or another on issues is a very effective way to get some leverage and power. So you have to see the big picture and try to take control of it.”
—Ian Chipman, Insights by Stanford Business, July 7, 2016

Very few businesses are poised to succeed in external affairs.

“Working with outside stakeholders is a rising priority for company leaders. But in a new survey, most executives say their organizations still lack the external-affairs capabilities they need to succeed.”
—McKinsey & Company, July 2016

Commitment to engage will generate a competitive advantage.

“In a global economy, sustained competitive advantage arises from tackling social, political and environmental issues as part of a corporate strategy — not just pursuing business as usual.”
—Bach and Allen, MIT Sloan Management Review, April 1, 2010

Properly executed, external affairs enhance your bottom line.

“Research by McKinsey shows that on average, 30% of a company’s value is at stake when it comes to its relationships with society. CEOs seem to understand this: the same surveys show that they spend 30% of their time addressing this issue. The problem is that less than 30% of these same business leaders feel that they are successfully engaging with society. Other studies have shown that if they could get it right, then their company could generate returns that are at least 20% higher than its competitors over the course of a decade.”
—John Browne, Fortune Magazine, March 12, 2016

As the special primary election to replace former Congressman Jason Chaffetz pushes through the final days, more and more outside money is being spent to influence the way Utahns in the state’s 3rd congressional district will vote. And those attacks are growing...

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